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 Musical Director

  Our Musical Director is Professor Edward Venn,

  Professor - School of Music at the University of Leeds 


Edward studied Music at the University of Birmingham; as an undergraduate his performance activities focused on the double bass. He branched out during his postgraduate studies, studying the viol with Alison Crum but also gaining valuable experience conducting local orchestras.


After completing his PhD, Edward joined the Music Department at Lancaster University as a Lecturer in Music, where his responsibilities included the direction of the department Chamber Orchestra and New Music Ensemble; later, he was invited to conduct the Orchestra of the Lancaster University Music Society. Whilst at Lancaster, he began private conducting lessons with Ed Warren, and in 2003 was awarded an LRSM in Directing (Chamber Orchestra).

During his time at Lancaster, he also conducted local choirs and new music groups, his repertoire ranging from small chamber ensembles through to works for choir and orchestra; he also conducted performances of Holst’s opera Savitri. After taking on increasing choral duties, he studied with Peter Broadbent and passed (with Distinction) the Intermediate Level Choral directing qualification with the Association of British Choral Conductors in 2011.

In 2013, Edward joined the University of Leeds.  Amongst other teaching, research and administration duties, he has conducted the School Chamber Orchestra and has contributed to performance teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Edward is also Musical Director of York Symphony Orchestra.  Founded in 1898, it is the city's oldest amateur orchestra with the aim of giving amateur musicians in York and the surrounding area the opportunity to rehearse and perform works from the orchestral repertoire.

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