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Looking back to our Christmas Concert December 2022 : “12 Days of Christmas” – Bob Chilcott and “Fantasia on Christmas Carols” – Ralph Vaughan Williams; what a treat and success that afternoon was.  We can only thank Ed for putting it all together, our soloist and friend of the Choir, John Dunford with his wonderful voice and sense of fun, together with Matthew Atherton who played the organ and piano so magnificently.


We had our largest audience ever, who were all in good voice, and excellent feedback.  The “12 Days of Christmas” was such fun to sing and I am sure anybody who was there on the day, either in the choir or the audience, will retain fond memories of “The Partridge in a Pear” which surprisingly to all, kept putting in an appearance during Matthew’s organ solo.  How we top this for our Christmas concert next year remains to be seen but I am sure with Ed’s ingenuity we will rise to the occasion once again.

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