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Covid 19 Policy                     


Easingwold Singers are planning on restarting rehearsals in September 2021 following relaxation of Government Guidelines that have been in place to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus. 


We plan to meet in the Chapel of Easingwold Methodist Church and this risk assessment has been drawn up following discussions with Church Trustees and is in line with the Church’s own Risk Assessment.


The policy applies to the use of the Chapel, the entrance hall and the toilets.


The Covid 19 virus is transmitted via droplets breathed out by an infected person, and this policy is designed to minimise that risk.  Singing has been classed as a risky activity because the quantity and spread of droplets increases with volume. Because of this, we must insist on the following:


  • If you have tested positive for Covid 19 please do not attend rehearsals and please inform us. See below for details

  • If you are displaying symptoms of Covid 19, then please do not attend rehearsals and follow the most up to date Government Guidelines on testing and self-isolation

  • If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19, please follow the most up to date Government Guidelines on self-isolation before returning to rehearsals


Lateral Flow testing kits are available free of charge via the following link, and you may wish to carry out a test before each rehearsal.


Vaccination reduces both the rate of transmission of the virus, and the severity of illness should you become infected.  We can’t insist that everyone in the choir is vaccinated, but would encourage vaccination, where possible, in order to reduce risk to yourself and to others.


Whilst vaccination and quarantine are the main ways to reduce risk of infection, not everyone who becomes infected with Covid 19 has symptoms of the disease and so it is possible to spread the virus without being aware of it.   Because of this we ask everyone to abide by the following procedures:


Social Distancing:  this is designed to reduce the risk of breathing in any virus particles

  • We will be using the main doors into the building, and please follow the one-way system into the chapel

  • Ed is at the most risk, as he will be facing the choir, so please keep the first 2 rows of seats empty

  • Please don’t face other people while singing and keep one seat apart unless you are part of the same household

  • During the coffee break, please keep a distance of at least 1 metre


Ventilation:  this is important to reduce the concentration of any virus particles floating about. 

  • We will be keeping the doors into the Chapel from the hallway open

  • The high windows will be kept open to increase the flow of fresh air into the building, so you may want to wrap up warm


Surfaces: it is also possible for the virus to be transmitted via surfaces.  Wipes and hand sanitiser will be provided to reduce this risk.

  • Please use hand sanitiser when arriving at the building

  • Please wipe down your seat before you leave

  • Please avoid sharing music

  • Please bring your own refreshments

  • Please wipe down the piano/keyboard at the end of the rehearsal

  • The last person to leave the building at the end of the rehearsal will need to wipe down the door handles before leaving


Toilets:  Please follow hygiene instructions displayed by the Church


Contact Tracing:  We will need to know who is in attendance at each rehearsal

  • There will be a register at each rehearsal, and please let us know if you have changed your contact details

  • If you have tested positive for Covid 19 please let us know,

  • either by email to or by texting/calling Polly on 07821 429022


Thank you in advance for following this procedure and allowing us to rehearse safely!


If you need to contact the committee, please call/text Polly on 07821 49022 or email

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